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Welcome to Hudson Speech-Language Pathology!

We are a specialized pediatric speech and language practice providing evaluations, therapeutic intervention, and consultation services.

Our child-centered approach originates with the premise that each child is special, unique, and holds great potential within them waiting to be unlocked.  Our evaluations and intervention services are focused on learning what motivates your child, how they think and see the world, and how best to teach them the skills and strategies they need to navigate a variety of settings and situations.

Your child’s therapeutic needs will be met by experienced, knowledgeable, highly trained, and caring specialists.  We understand your need to have questions answered, to receive thorough and clear information about your child’s speech and language functioning, and to fully participate in your child’s therapy.  Through ongoing parent and caregiver support and by working as a partnership we provide your child with the maximum opportunities to succeed.

Parents seek out speech-language therapy for different reasons.  Others are unsure about what speech-language therapy entails or whether their child would benefit.  We encourage you to visit our FAQ page where you will find answers to commonly asked questions, or to contact us at 347-523-3364.

We look forward to creating the optimal therapeutic plan for your child and helping your child reach their goals.

Our goal is your child’s success!





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